Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah Take on Chris Christie, Ted Cruz at RNC

Seth Meyers GOP Convention show - H 2016

"Why get caught up in discussing an issue when you can reduce it to three syllables? 'Build a wall.' 'Lock her up.' Or if that's too complicated for you, 'Trump, Trump, Trump.'"

After the first night of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, late-night hosts had a field day poking fun at Melania Trump's stolen speech

After the second day of speeches, the late-night world focused on Chris Christie's attacks on Hillary Clinton and, in the case of Stephen Colbert's Late Show, going live on Wednesday night, Ted Cruz's appearance, in which he refused to endorse Donald Trump.

Seth Meyers aired another "Closer Look" segment, this time focusing on the speeches at the convention that took aim at Clinton and took another look at the Melania Trump stolen speech controversy.

Meyers touched on Christie's speech that centered on indicting Clinton, starting a "guilty" chant. "It was impressive that Christie was so enthusiastic considering Trump left him at the VP altar just last week," said Meyers, adding that with the "lock her up" chant, the arena looked like the "Roman coliseum." 

Stephen Colbert opened his show joined by Donald Trump's fellow billionaire mogul in a segment called "Mark Cuban Takes The Gloves Off: Donald Trump Edition."

Cuban told Trump that he had "no shot with Hispanics, because there is no way in hell you're getting the Cuban vote!" And in a musical "billionaire bitch slap," Cuban even got Trump gloves of his own: "You're a child's medium, right?" 

After the Cuban opener, Colbert ran through the day's RNC highlights, arguing that after he declared on Tuesday's show that the convention was going so smoothly it was boring, "tonight the convention bus took an unexpected turn and plunged into excitement canyon."

First up: Donald Trump's dramatic helicopter landing in Cleveland, set to the soundtrack of the movie, Air Force One.

"I assume because like Harrison Ford, Donald Trump is a famous person pretending to be the president," Colbert said before delivering an impression of Ford delivering his famous "get off my plane" line.

Colbert also seemed genuinely amused by Cruz being upstaged by Trump's plane, joking that the GOP candidate was probably flipping him off in the window.

But, Colbert said, Cruz got his "revenge" by refusing to endorse Trump in his primetime address on Wednesday night, creating a chaotic scene that Colbert used Game of Thrones footage to illustrate. He also poked fun at Trump's son Eric, saying as president his father would make America great again ahead of budget and schedule.

"Donald Trump will end America sooner than we thought," Colbert quipped.

He also ran through vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence's bio after pretending to fall asleep (again).

And he aired a taped segment from his trip to Cleveland earlier in the week, where he attended the welcome party for the RNC, meeting some of the Republican delegates, of whom Colbert said, "They're good people who deserve a better candidate and we had a blast."

While Colbert and the other 11,999 partygoers seemed to truly have fun, the delegates didn't seem that enthused about Trump nor were they particularly knowledgeable about some of the outlandish things their candidate has said.

Several delegates told the Late Show host that Trump wasn't their first choice for president and in a game of "Trump or False," in which Colbert asked delegates if Trump said a particular quote, all but two of the many contestants guessed incorrectly.

On Colbert's old network of Comedy Central, new Daily Show host Trevor Noah took on the second night of the convention, particularly Christie's "kangaroo court spectacle," as Noah called it.

As viewers of Christie's speech know, after he got the audience to shout "guilty" about various things Hillary Clinton had done, the audience started chanting, "Lock her up!"

Noah called chanting "effective" and "infectious," adding, "Why get caught up in discussing an issue when you can reduce it to three syllables? 'Build a wall.' 'Lock her up.' Or if that's too complicated for you, 'Trump, Trump, Trump.'"

But he also took issue with the substance of what Christie was saying, offering video evidence of Donald Trump praising Vladimir Putin — in September, no less — and of the then real-estate-mogul calling for Muammar Gaddafi's ouster in February of 2011, after Christie bashed Clinton for being the "chief engineer" behind Gaddafi being overthrown, saying she did it to "strengthen Russia."

After airing both clips, Noah began chanting, "Lock him up! Lock him up!" The crowd even joined in, leading Noah to lead them in declaring Christie guilty of his role in the George Washington Bridge scandal and of "accepting a $30,000 gift, claiming it was from a personal friend, even though he couldn't remember the name of that friend" before jokingly having them declare Christie guilty of something he most likely wasn't involved in: "the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson."