Seth Meyers Takes Aim at Matt Lauer: "You Killed Your Career and You F---ed Yourself"

After pre-taping Wednesday's 'Late Night,' the NBC host returned on Thursday and went after the former 'Today' host.

After pre-taping Wednesday night's Late Night, Seth Meyers finally weighed in on the Matt Lauer scandal on his Thursday show, and the NBC host didn't hold back.

Meyers devoted his "Closer Look" segment to Lauer, talking about how the female colleague who accused Lauer of inappropriate sexual behavior reported that the questionable behavior occurred at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games. “And you thought the most disgusting thing at the Sochi Olympics was Bob Costas’ pink eye,” Meyers joked. “Well move over pink eye! There’s a new, grosser sheriff in town.”

Attempting to assess how NBC could fire its most "profitable and powerful figure,” Meyers proceeded to play a clip of Lauer interviewing Bill O’Reilly, in which he asks the former Fox News host if despite “carrying the network,” whether it's true that evidence was simply given that made it “impossible” for him to remain at Fox News.

“He was talking to Bill O’Reilly, but he could’ve just as easily been talking to a mirror,” Meyers quipped.

According to a report, Lauer summoned a female employee to his office, where he dropped his pants and exposed himself. After the employee refused to partake in anything, Lauer allegedly reprimanded her. Lauer also allegedly gifted a sex toy to a colleague, detailing how he wanted to use it on her.

“As a general rule, if you’re giving someone a dildo at work, you’re the dildo at work,” Meyers said.

It was also reported that Lauer had a button under his desk to allow him to lock his door from the inside. “Nobody wants a button under their desk for a non-evil reason. … If someone asks you to install a button under their desk, just nod and then report it to the police,” Meyers said.

Earlier in Meyers’ Late Night monologue, the host joked that Lauer’s new office would be a garage, where he would still have a special button he could close from the inside.

It was also reported that Lauer would play “Fuck, Marry, Kill" with female producers on his show and express which female co-hosts he’d like to most sleep with. “Well, I don’t know who you said you’d marry in those conversations, but I do know you killed your career and you f—-ed yourself,” Meyers was quick to retort.

Lauer has also had his fair share of questionable interview moments, and Meyers highlighted one that he found particularly telling of the former Today host's impending scandal. During Lauer’s stint as a moderator for a presidential forum with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, he noticeably continuously interrupted Clinton, preventing her from answering a question, at which what point he told the former candidate, “I’ve got 30 seconds left.” “Eh, it was more like a year, but you were close,” Meyers said.

Meanwhile over on CBS' The Late Show, Colbert opened with a mock morning show, in which a female co-host announced the departure of two anchors who engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior amongst colleagues.  “I’d like to apologize for my actions,” the anchor read, adding that he traced the outline of his penis and wrote, “See anything you like, toots?” 

Later in his opening monologue, Colbert also took some jabs at Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera, after he defended Lauer on Twitter, explaining that news is a "flirty business.”

“Yes, Matt Lauer wasn’t sexually harassing women. It was good old-fashioned courtship,” Colbert said, before imitating Lauer, “Sex toy, my lady? A puddle, a puddle before your feet. Allow me to lay my penis across it so you may pass.”

Continuing to mock Rivera’s defense, Colbert said, “Of course Geraldo knows that a gentleman exposes himself to her father first.” Also adding, “First, sir, I’d like to ask your daughter’s hand in my pants.”