Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah Take on Donald Trump, Supporters' Response to Sexual Assault Allegations

Seth Meyers on Trump — H 2016

"Trump literally explained in specific detail how he got away with exactly the kind of sexual assault these women are now describing."

The recent wave of sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump began too late on Wednesday for the news to make that day's late-night programs, but on Thursday, Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah were among the hosts who went after Trump and his supporters' defiant dismissal of the charges.

On Late Night, Meyers said in response to the allegations, Trump has been "lashing out like a wounded badger at the end of a three-day coke binge." And he criticized Trump's commercial vowing he is the only one who can protect America.

"'I will protect you, I'm the only one who can' sounds like a line from a Lifetime movie about a lunatic stalking his ex-wife," said Meyers, revealing a poster his team created to promote the fictional film.

The Late Night host didn't just focus on Trump, he also talked about the GOP presidential nominee's surrogates and supporters. Meyers criticized Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway for saying that Hillary Clinton should be even more ahead of Trump in the polls than she is because she's a woman. "If running as the first female president was an advantage it probably would have happened before 2016," he said, to cheers from the crowd.

Politicians that endorsed, then unendorsed, then re-endorsed Trump were mocked as well. Meyers called Trump "his own Deep Throat," nicknaming him "Creep Throat," since he himself talked about kissing and groping women without their consent. "Trump literally explained in specific detail how he got away with exactly the kind of sexual assault these women are now describing," said Meyers.

The host was at his most powerful when he talked about the Trump surrogates who are questioning his accusers' motives and asking why they didn't come forward sooner. "Stop pretending there's an optimal time for women to go public with these kind of allegations," said Meyers. "It's not like if you do it within the first 24 hours you get a parade and an iTunes gift card."

Over on The Daily Show, Noah said that it seems like Trump does in fact "tell it like it is," sarcastically wondering aloud, "Who would've thought the guy who said he forces himself on women, actually forces himself on women?" Noah was incredulous about the "he said, she said" argument Trump surrogates were putting out, shouting, "He said he did it in the first place!"

Meanwhile, Noah also went after Trump for his alleged plan to turn the spotlight on to Bill Clinton and compare him to Bill Cosby. "What kind of sick person thinks we need two Bill Cosbys?" asked the Daily Show host. He also said the Cosby allegations were more shocking than the Trump allegations because Cosby didn't go around bragging about assaulting women. 

Noah lamented that instead of talking about policy, the last few weeks of the election will likely be spent "focusing on who's the worst sexual predator" between Trump and Bill Clinton.

Later in the show, Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper went to a rally in Pennsylvania to speak directly with Trump supporters about his lewd comments. They seemed unfazed and perhaps even emboldened by Trump's remarks.

"I wish I could grab as much pussy as he has," said one man. Another man wore a "Trump — Grab 'Em While You Can" shirt.

"No matter what he says or does I would still vote for him," said one woman.

The last man Klepper interviewed said he talked to many women at the rally and "half of them would love to have their pussies snatched by Donald Trump." He added, "One man's sexual assault is another man's flirtation."