Seth Meyers Criticizes Trump for Comparing Press Conference Ratings to 'The Bachelor'

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"We're only trapped inside because you kept ignoring the crisis and pretending it would go away until it was too late. We're forced to stay inside and watch you because you screwed up," Meyers said during Monday's episode of 'Late Night.'

Seth Meyers criticized President Donald Trump for bragging about his press conference ratings during the "Closer Look" segment on Monday's episode of Late Night.

Trump tweeted Sunday that the ratings were as high as The Bachelor finale and Monday Night Football. He later tweeted, "President Trump is a ratings hit."

"You're comparing your pandemic briefings to The Bachelor? Because at this point, I'd rather go to Peter's mom Barb for coronavirus updates," said Meyers. "'All I know is after she showed up three hours later to our meeting in Australia, Madi needs to socially distance herself from my son.'"

The host added that people aren't watching the press conferences because they love Trump, but because "they're trapped inside and their only choices are watching you or digging through Netflix to try to find a British crime show they haven't seen yet."

"Also, we're only trapped inside because you kept ignoring the crisis and pretending it would go away until it was too late. We're forced to stay inside and watch you because you screwed up," he said. "More people than ever are playing Scrabble right now, but it sure as hell isn't because Scrabble is fun."

Clips followed of Trump bragging about his ratings during Sunday's press conference. During his speech, Trump shared that he doesn't know how The Bachelor ended but someone will eventually catch him up.

"No we won't. That's your punishment. You have to watch it yourself months after everyone else when nobody wants to talk about it anymore," said Meyers. "At dinner parties you'll say, 'Did you guys see The Bachelor?' And people will say, 'We don't want to talk about The Bachelor.'"

Meyers later shared a tweet that Trump posted Sunday that stated in light of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moving from Canada to Los Angeles, "the U.S. will not pay for their security protection."

"What the fuck are you talking about Harry and Meghan are moving to L.A.? Where are you getting your celebrity news during the pandemic?" Meyers asked. "Was anyone in America worried about this? Honestly, was there a single person out of 300 million people sitting there on Sunday muttering to themselves, 'We better not be paying for Harry and Meghan's security protection. That would be large-scale tragedy.'"

The host then questioned how Trump heard about the couple's move. "Is he surfing TMZ during his task force meetings with Dr. Fauci?" he said. "'Fauci, Fauci, Fauci, I'm gonna cut you off real quick. Did you see that Kanye lied about his phone call with Taylor Swift? That is ice cold, Fauci. I mean, I was Team Kanye, but now I'm definitely Team Kanye.'"

The host also criticized the president for stating that hospitals are asking for too much equipment "all of a sudden" in response to the pandemic.

"What do you mean 'all of a sudden?' Yes, yes all of a sudden there's a pandemic, which means all of a sudden people need ventilators," responded Meyers. "Pandemics aren't weddings. They don't send you a Save the Date card. Although based on how you ignored the repeated warnings that this was a possibility, you'd probably throw that in the trash, too."

"Have you not been paying attention to any of the news besides your own ratings and what Harry and Meghan are up to?" the host continued. "Somebody please, for the love of God, squeeze some information about ventilators into the celebrity quotes section of Us Weekly."

Meyers joked that the section could read, "Nick Jonas says of his marriage to Priyanka Chopra, 'She's such a breath of fresh air and speaking of fresh air, New York needs 40,000 lifesaving ventilators because the exponential growth of an incredibly infectious disease.'"

During Trump's Sunday press conference, he implied that medical professionals might be hoarding or stealing masks. "I'm not wearing a mask, but if I did, I would remove it to make sure you could hear me clearly when I say, 'Fuck off,'" replied Meyers. "Trump thinks they might be stealing masks because he would definitely steal masks."

"Trump is so deeply and completely corrupt that he can't even imagine having a legitimate motivation," he continued. "I'm surprised he hasn't opened a press conference saying, 'Bad news. Ventilators went missing. Good news. You guys, we found a corresponding amount of Trump-olators, which are very affordable.'"

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