Seth Meyers Calls Trump Out for Hypocrisy on His Executive Order Stance

"For every Trump action, there’s an equal and opposite Trump clip."

Seth Meyers taunted Donald Trump by using his words against him during his "Closer Look" segment Wednesday night regarding Trump's executive orders and tax cuts.

On Late Night, Meyers played a string of Trump clips from the past in which Trump criticizes Obama for signing too many executive orders.

"He doesn't want to work too hard. He just wants to go back and play golf," Trump said in one of the clips.

"It is, at this point, like a law of physics: For every Trump action, there's an equal and opposite Trump clip," joked Meyers. He interspersed multiple Trump clips when talking about president's first 100 days.

Teasing Trump for backtracking on "signature issues," like his stance on NATO, Meyers slipped into his Trump impression and said, "You see, I'm stupid, so I lied. Why is that problematic?" 

Trump relented that border-wall funding could wait until September. Meyers argued that this delayed promise "crushed" Rush Limbaugh, playing a clip in which Limbaugh struggled to get the words out about what happened.

In another clip, Trump discussed how important the border wall is to him, even though he is delaying funding for it. "He's like a dad who made the mistake of mentioning Disneyland to his kids," said Meyers, mocking Trump for casually saying, "Yeah sure" when pressed on whether he would build the wall in his first term.

Meyers also brought up Ivanka Trump's panel in Germany, where she got booed after complimenting and defending her father. He commended the moderator for asking tough questions and "grilling" Ivanka.


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