Seth Meyers Doesn't Think Trump Will Apologize for Obama Wiretapping Claims

"I don't even think his mouth can make those words."

Some Republicans have been urging President Trump to apologize for his Obama wiretapping claim, and Seth Meyers spoke about the chances of that happening on Wednesday's Late Night.

"It also doesn't hurt normal people to say 'I'm sorry,' but it might kill Trump," said the host of NBC's late-night show. "I don't even think his mouth can make those words."

Meyers also spoke of the latest news about Trump former campaign manager Paul Manafort's involvement with Russia and how the White House tried to downplay his "limited role" in Trump's campaign, contrasting it with clips of the Trump campaign lauding how much Manafort did months ago.

He criticized House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes for speaking to Trump about the Russia investigation. "You're supposed to be conducting the investigation — you don't go tell the guy you're investigating," said Meyers.

At a fundraiser, Trump recently talked about how "most people don't even know" that Lincoln was a Republican and suggested the GOP should spread the word about it.

"Trump wants a super PAC to take out an ad to let people know Lincoln was a Republican," said Meyers, adding, "This can only mean one thing: Trump just found out Lincoln was a Republican. Dude, the Republicans literally call it the 'Party of Lincoln.' Did you think they were talking about the car?"

As he concluded his "Closer Look" segment, he turned to the hearing for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. "Republicans were probably so giddy during the hearings because they knew they were getting away with one of the greatest thefts in modern politics: the stealing of a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court from President Obama."