Seth Rogen, James Corden and Dominic Cooper Deliver Pizza, Surprises to L.A. Residents

Those ordering pies were treated to a raucous party complete with tequila and a shirtless 'Late Late Show' host.

A few Los Angeles residents ordering pizzas recently were treated to James Corden and Seth Rogen personally delivering their pies for a Late Late Show segment entitled "Mystery Pizza Box."

Corden and Rogen offered the customers a choice between the pizza they ordered and a mystery box with prizes. The mystery box "prizes" ranged from a box full of plain tomato sauce, a chance to watch Corden wrestle with surprise guest Dominic Cooper and an Instagram party.

Corden wore a yellow wrestling outfit as "Yellow Thunder" and Cooper donned a green one as "the Green Machine" as the two wrestled in somebody's living room. Rogen laughed hysterically as Cooper put Corden in a chokehold and was eventually declared the winner.


Just me and some friends and @j_corden and @sethrogen and a shirtless guy? #SoloCupArmy #DefinitelyCallingInSickTomorrow

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The Instagram party consisted of Corden yelling out instructions for a variety of photos when he delivered pizza to a birthday party. "Let's us three take our tops off, get on the couch, and make a David sandwich," said Corden, instructing the birthday boy on what to do. Cooper participated in this surprise as well, posing as if he were serenading David.

Here are some snaps from the party:


I’m not sure why @sethrogen and @j_corden were at my birthday. I didn’t invite them.

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@sethrogen and @j_corden dumping some tequila down my biggest face hole.

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BEST BIRTHDAY EVER (does anyone remember who took this picture?) #PizzaGimp #WhatIsMyLife

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