Seth Rogen, James Franco Celebrate 'The Interview' Release

The Interview Still 6 - H 2014
Ed Araquel

The Interview Still 6 - H 2014

Hollywood weighs in on Sony's slight reversal

Sony's announcement Tuesday that it would release The Interview in select theaters on Christmas Day, less than a week after the studio said it wouldn't proceed with the film's planned release, quickly prompted celebratory tweets from stars Seth Rogen and James Franco, who'd both remained silent publicly after Sony's decision last week.

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Following Sony's announcement that it had canceled the release of The Interviewmany in Hollywood condemned the studio for giving in to terrorist threats. So after Sony said it would release the film in select theaters after all, many stars took to social media to praise the move.


VICTORY!!!!!!! The PEOPLE and THE PRESIDENT have spoken!!! SONY to release THE INTERVIEW in theaters on XMAS DAY!

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