Seth Rogen Talks James Franco's Personal Connection to Tommy Wiseau and 'The Room' | Producer Roundtable

The actor-producer discusses 'The Disaster Artist,' how Franco stayed in character and the balancing act of directing, acting and producing.

"One of the most interesting ideas about the movie to us was someone makes a piece of art hoping it's received one way [and] it is actually received for the exact opposite reasons that you hoped it would," Seth Rogen told The Hollywood Reporter during the Producer Roundtable while discussing his latest film, The Disaster Artist. "But the result is actually the same: You become famous, people like you, you have movie stars making movies about you, you're in profit, you're getting paid."

The Disaster Artist is based on the making of The Room, a film by Tommy Wiseau that is widely considered to be the best worst movie ever made. Rogen, who co-stars in and produced the pic, spoke of the personal connection James Franco, who served as director and star and is Rogen's long-time collaborator, had to Wiseau and the making of The Room: "Franco, as someone who has done a lot of weird art shit ... constantly being misunderstood, misinterpreted, people thinking that the shit he thought was great was stupid, and vice versa — it was incredibly personal to him, in a weird way."

"He was in character the whole time," Rogen said of Franco, "so he would direct the movie in character as Tommy Wiseau, with the voice, in full prosthetic makeup. And there are scenes in the movie where he's directing a movie, so that was, like, really weird because he's directing a movie where he's directing a movie, in character, directing a movie."

The Disaster Artist opens Dec. 8. Tune in to for more roundtables featuring creators from the year's top films.