Seth Rogen Talks Frustration of Amy Pascal's Sony Exit After Hack

Seth Rogen — H 2016

The actor also teamed up with Ricky Williams to do a special "weed round" on Bill Simmons' 'Any Given Wednesday' HBO show.

Bill Simmons welcomed Sausage Party star Seth Rogen to his weekly HBO program Any Given Wednesday in which Rogen talked at length about the Sony hack.

The actor admitted that at the time of the hack, he was very worried about his personal emails coming out. "You talk shit about a million people in your day-to-day life in your emailing," said Rogen. Simmons asked him if it bothers him that people refer to the incident as leaked emails rather than calling the emails "stolen."

"Yes, that is honestly the thing that drives me f—ing crazy," replied Rogen, saying it was a true test for the media to decide whether or not to use the information from the Sony hack.

Rogen said a journalist recently told him to look at the good that came out of the hack, including the Hollywood wage gap conversation.

"But what happened as a result of all that?" asked Rogen. "One person lost their job — a woman who was running the studio [Amy Pascal] who specifically had a very feminist agenda. She greenlit the Ghostbusters movie, she was talking about making movies specifically less homophobic in a lot of ways, and she's the one person who lost her job as a result of all of it."

Pascal stepped down as co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment in February of 2015. She later said she was "fired."

On a lighter note, Rogen sat down with Ricky Williams for a "weed round" with Simmons. They were asked a variety of questions about marijuana. Both Williams and Rogen are against synthetic marijuana but were all about sharing their edible marijuana experiences, including pot-infused stir fry and an all-you-can-eat weed food buffet in high school.

The duo also revealed their favorite stoner movie of all time. Watch below.