Seth Rogen Thinks "It Would Be Really Interesting" If 'The Interview' Played in North Korea

Seth Rogen - H 2014
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Seth Rogen - H 2014

The actor-director also told 'GMA' that "it's too late to have any [second thoughts]" about the controversial new Sony film.

Seth Rogen and James Franco are continuing to speak out about their controversial new film The Interview. The actors, who star as a talk-show host and producer tasked by the CIA with assassinating North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, appeared on Tuesday's Good Morning America in a taped interview, portions of which surfaced online on Monday.

Rogen said he wasn't sure if the massive hack that hit Sony Pictures Entertainment is in fact due to The Interview, which the North Korean regime has repeatedly objected to, but he also said he can't really connect his silly film to the multifaceted controversy.

"It is weird because we just wanted to make a really funny, entertaining movie," Rogen said. "And the movie itself is very silly, and it wasn't meant to be controversial in any way."

When asked if he had any second thoughts, Rogen said, "At this point, it's too late to have any really. … I like the movie. I can't, in my head, overconnect it with everything surrounding it."

The film critiques both the North Korean regime and the American news media ("Wait 'til they get wind of it," Rogen joked), and Rogen, who also co-directed and produced the film, was intrigued when asked what would happen if The Interview could actually be shown in North Korea.


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"It would be really interesting. I wonder what a North Korean citizen would think of the movie," Rogen said. "I mean, in the movie, we go to great lengths to separate the regime that rules North Korea with the North Korean people themselves. And they are not bad; they are the victims of a horrible situation. Part of me thinks that they themselves would really enjoy the movie. Maybe. Who knows? I wonder if we'll ever find out."

Watch Rogen and Franco's Good Morning America interview below.

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