Seth Rogen Unleashes Ridiculous 'This is the End' Facebook Promo (Video)

This is the End Screengrab 2 - H 2012

This is the End Screengrab 2 - H 2012

A nude portrait of James Franco, a back waxing from Danny McBride and other promises are made to entice fans to "like" the film's page.

The end of the world does strange things to a person.

To promote his post-apocalyptic comedy This is the End receive, Seth Rogen has promised to paint James Franco in the nude, should the Facebook page for their post-apocalyptic comedy receive enough Facebook likes.

Rogen and Franco are joined by stars Jay Baruchel and Danny McBride in a video posted on Facebook, where they make other crazy promises in exchange for Facebook likes.

“We’re totally ready to just do ridiculous things for you,” Franco says.

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At 500,000 likes, McBride pledges to post a video of him waxing Rogen’s back. At 650,000 likes, Baruchel and McBride will romantically share a piece of spaghetti ala The Lady and the Tramp. 800,000 likes gets that nude portrait of Franco.

“The more you like us, the more of these videos we’ll release,” Rogen says.

This is the End features a number of comedians and Hollywood stars playing themselves, including Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, Aziz Ansari, Michael Cera, Mindy Kaling and Emma Watson. Rogen wrote and directed the film with Evan Goldberg.

The Columbia Pictures release is slated for a June 12 bow.