'Seven Psychopaths' Trailer: Colin Farrell and Woody Harrelson Have Dog Problems (Video)

Seven Psychopaths Trailer Screengrab - H 2012

Seven Psychopaths Trailer Screengrab - H 2012

Re-teaming with his "In Bruges" director Martin McDonagh, the Irish star finds himself in a whole lot of trouble thanks to Sam Rockwell's shady business dealings.

In his most recent film, Colin Farrell had to deal with the fact that his entire perceived life was a lie, and he was being used by a shady organization for nefarious means. In his next feature, he is on the run from a guy who wants his Shih Tzu back.

So, pretty much the same plot.

The first trailer for Farrell's reunion with his In Bruges director Martin McDonagh is just what the doctor ordered for the Irish actor; he's proven strong in quirky indie roles, and as a beleaguered screenwriter with a cooky best friend in Sam Rockwell and a dog-loving menace in Woody Harrelson, quirky indie is the name of the game. 

Here's the first look at CBS Films' Seven Psychopaths, which hits theaters on October 12.