SevenOne Int'l to make magic with Merlini

German sales company to work with escape artist

CANNES -- German sales company SevenOne International has entered into a collaboration with Hungarian escape artist David Merlini to develop and market new shows.

The deal expands on an agreement for SevenOne to sell footage of Merlini breaking the world underwater record Monday at the opening-night cocktail party in front of hundreds of MIPCOM delegates.

At the event, Merlini held his breath for 20 minutes and 39 seconds, breaking the record of 17 minutes and 19 seconds, before being smashed out of a glass tank.

"All of David Merlini's performances are truly spectacular," SevenOne managing director Jens Richter said. "They astonish and thrill people all over the world. We'll work with him and TV stations to develop concepts targeting specific audiences, and market his shows in effective ways for the media."

SevenOne is the international sales arm of the ProSieben.Sat.1 Media Group.