Several polls study Super Bowl data

Marist questions whether fans watch for the game or the ads

Like any great national event, the Super Bowl is the subject of opinion polling in the days leading up to it. Here's a sampling of data from a flurry of pre-bowl polls:

-- Zogby International finds 59% of adult respondents saying they plan to watch the game. That includes 90% of self-described football fans and 24% of those who aren't fans.

-- Do people watch mostly for the game or mostly for the commercials? In a Marist Poll, 14% of the men planning to watch said they tune in more for the commercials vs. 86% watching more for the game. Among female respondents who plan to watch, 32% said they'll do so more for the commercials, while 68% will watch more for the game.

-- In the Zogby poll, 13% of those planning to watch said they enjoy the commercials more than the game, while 46% enjoy the game more than the commercials. Thirty-nine percent said they enjoy the two elements equally. Among non-football fans who watch the telecast, 44% said they enjoy the commercials more than the game.

-- Against the backdrop of the Tim Tebow controversy, Marist asked respondents whether they think "it is appropriate or not appropriate for so-called advocacy ads to be allowed to air during the Super Bowl." "Not appropriate" beat "appropriate" by a field goal plus a safety (49% to 44%, with the rest unsure).

-- Finally, a Public Policy Polling survey found 32% of respondents rooting for the New Orleans Saints to win the game vs. 22% preferring the Indianapolis Colts. The rest had no preference. Democrats preferred the Saints over the Colts by 36% to 21%, while Republicans were pro-Colts by a narrow margin of 26% to 25%.

In a breakdown of the Public Policy Polling findings by age group, 18- to 29-year-olds were the most likely to favor the Saints over the Colts (45% to 14%). The 46- to 65-year-olds split evenly (27% each) between the two teams.