Severin Films Takes 'Devolved' for North America

Severin Films has acquired North American rights to the teen comedy Devolved, starring Lindsey Shaw, Robert Adamson, Gary Entin and Chris Kattan. The company plans a March theatrical release.

Devolved follows a group of high school kids after they’re stranded on an uncharted island off the coast of Mexico. Visualeyes Films produced the project in association with Severin.

“With Severin entering the realm of distributing its own productions, we cannot think of a better initial release than Devolved,” said Severin co-founder David Gregory. “It’s the rare teen comedy that actually packs a satirical point within the proceedings.”

Severin CEO Carl Daft negotiated the deal with Visualeyes producer Bettina Tendler O’Mara.

Formed in 2006, Severin has released Birdemic: Shock & Terror, The Hairdresser’s Husband and Enzo Castellari’s original Inglorious Bastards.

Next year, the company will release Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Santa Sangre, Richard Rush’s The Stunt Man and Nicole Kidman’s BMX Bandits.