Sex finds place on Canadian TV


Canada's TV watchdog has blessed the launch of a national pay TV porn channel.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission on Friday approved the application by Montreal-based Sex-Shop Television to operate a digital French-language channel devoted to "the themes (of) sex appeal, sensuality, eroticism and sexuality" for a seven-year license period.

The regulator said the proposed pay TV channel, dubbed Vanessa, will include documentaries, news coverage and magazines that focuses on the sex-shop industry.

At the same time, the CRTC barred the operators of Vanessa from airing infomercials, corporate or promotional videos, a key driver of advertising revenue.

The regulator said it received only two interventions from Canadians arguing that Vanessa's proposed adult programming "offends their sensibilities and goes against their personal values."

To ensure Vanessa remains within Canadian taste standards, the CRTC said the proposed pay TV channel must meet "general community standards within the context of a discretionary service intended for an informed public."