SFR unveils raft of new cell services


PARIS -- French mobile phone operator SFR is offering new services that bridge popular interactive Web sites Dailymotion, MySpace, YouTube, eBay, Windows Live Messenger and Google maps with its mobile terminals, the company said Wednesday.

Beginning this summer, SFR clients with 3G or 3G+ technology can access popular social network MySpace, with videos, photos, music, e-mail and instant messaging available for €3 ($4.13) per month or €0.50 ($0.69) per day.

SFR clients can bid on goods offered on eBay and keep track of their bidding status in real time. Customers also can watch and share a selection of the most-watched videos on YouTube as well as chat with friends on Windows Live Messenger.

Messages are free through November, at which point an unlimited messaging service will be available for €4 ($5.50) per month. As of July 17, the Google Maps service will allow users to plot their travel route from their mobile phones. As of Aug. 22, SFR clients can watch original "Motionmaker" videos on the Dailymotion Web site and share videos made using their 3G phones.

Between now and the end of the year, the company plans to integrate such community tools as commentary or voting for favorite videos from their cell phones. SFR is offering new mobile plans to accommodate the 13.7 million users equipped with the appropriate technology to access the new services.