Shaggy inviting guests for 'Intoxication'


NEW YORK -- Dancehall superstar Shaggy will inaugurate a new joint venture with Big Yard and VP Records with his next album, "Intoxication." Due Oct. 16, the set is led by the single "Bonafide Girl" featuring "It Wasn't Me" collaborator Rik Rok and Tony Gold. Akon, Collie Budz, Kalonji, Mischieve, Nasha and Sizzla make guest appearances as well.

"While creating the album I wasn't signed to any particular label so I didn't have the usual interference into my creative process." Shaggy says. "That's what I was trying to get back to with 'Intoxication' -- both hardcore dancehall and reggae. It's a climatic musical roller coaster ride for all to enjoy."

Other tracks on the set include the electro-tinged opener "Can't Hold Me" and the club banger "Out of Control" featuring Rayvon ("Angel"). On "Church Heathen," Shaggy criticizes organized religion, chanting "Preachers dip into the collection basket for Benz payments/and women doing the Dutty Wine Saturday night look for salvation on Sunday."

Akon sings the chorus to the breakup song "What's Love," while Budz and Sizzla reggae-chat about social ills on "Mad Mad World."

"Intoxication" is the follow-up to 2005's "Clothes Drop," which only reached No. 144 on the Billboard 200.