Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, Manufacturer Letus Launch DSLR Support Gear

The series includes four configurations, developed to give the portable cameras a new form factor.

The director of photography on such films as Terminator Salvation, We are Marshall and The Greatest Game Ever Played is working to bring new gear to users of DSLR cameras, which were the primary cameras that he used on upcoming feature Act of Valor.

Shane Hurlbut and his Hurlbut Visuals teamed up with camera accessory manufacturer Letus to launch a line of products designed to give compact DSLR cameras a more classic physical form.

"As a director of photography, the DSLR has been one of the most powerful tools in my visual quiver,” Hurlbut told The Hollywood Reporter. “The camera goes where no other has been able to go before because of size and weight.

“Letus and I collaborated on this gear system because DSLR technology is just getting warmed up. Our form factor professionalizes the DSLR workflow based on how the industry masters have been shooting for decades.  Both (Letus owner) Hien Tu Le and I want to give back to this amazing filmmaking community by providing these tools at affordable prices to expand their scope, increase their speed, and push their creativity to the limit."

Letus has prototyped and manufactured 16 individual components for the Shane Hurlbut Master Cinema Series. The system includes four configurations:  Studio Cam, Shoulder Cam, Man Cam and Action Cam.

Hurlbut is a member of the American Society of Cinematographers and earned an ASC Award nomination in 1998 for The Rat Pack.

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