Shane Smith Offers Bill Simmons New Home at Vice

AP Images
Shane Smith

The Vice co-founder took to Twitter to enlist the ESPN personality.

Bill Simmons is welcome to join Vice Media after just losing his home at ESPN. Vice co-founder Shane Smith tweeted multiple times at the popular ESPN personality, asking Simmons to move to his company.

After Twitter users suggested that Simmons join the Vice team, Smith replied encouraging Simmons to consider his company. Vice has recently annouced its plans for expansion with a slew of 20 new tv shows for it's upcoming 24-hour cable network

Simmons has so far remained mum on the tweets, but Smith says he'll be waiting for Simmons' response.

Simmons has been one of ESPN's biggest stars. The network suspended him for three weeks by ESPN last fall after he called NFL commissioner Roger Goodell "a liar" on his B.S. Report podcast while discussing the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal.