Shane Smith Touts Vice's Reach With "7,000 Pieces of Content a Day"

Shane Smith - Getty-H 2016
Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Millennials "don’t have that same crazy loyalty and love of brands,” the CEO noted.

After announcing that Viceland is expanding to 44 countries, Vice CEO Shane Smith on Thursday took to the stage at Cannes Lions advertising festival in France to explain the company’s strategy alongside the channel's co-president Spike Jonze.

“We’re making 7,000 pieces of content a day, not just for TV,” Smith said of the brand’s major content push to dominate across media.

The channel’s staff has grown to 300 people in the three months, said Jonze, adding that “it has been much harder in terms of scale” than he expected. “Only the last couple of months, after sprinting for a year, are we starting to structure stuff and put some sorts of systems in place.”

The brand has amazing reach and awareness with millennials, something Jonze chalks up to the brand’s authenticity — a buzzword that has been used repeatedly here in the last few days.

“We start with things that we care about — we don’t try to be all things to all people,” he said. “We want to work with young minds and let them do the things we care about.” 

Millennials “don’t have that same crazy loyalty and love of brands,” Smith noted.

The two execs joked that the sooner they can give the company away to the kids the better, and that every decade a new generation of leaders moves up from the intern pool. “The success of Vice is that it’s sort of a Maoist cultural revolution,” Smith quipped.