Shanghai Film Fest: Jackie Chan Unveils 'Jackie Chan International Action Week'

Sandy Huffaker/Invision for XX/AP Images
Jackie Chan

The event will debut in Shanghai in 2015 and feature forums, screenings and a public vote on the best action movies.

Hong Kong kung-fu and action star Jackie Chan has announced that in 2015 he will jointly hold the Jackie Chan International Action Movie Week at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

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The event is aimed at "commending excellent filmmakers who have made great contribution to the world's action movies, shown extraordinary performance of action actors and technical innovation of special good effect on international film publishing platforms, guided new action talents and making great efforts and contribution in passing on Chinese action movie tradition as well as promoting its development" (sic), the Police Story and The Forbidden Kingdom star said in a statement.

Earlier this week, Chan announced that John Cusack and Adrien Brody will star as Roman soldiers lost in ancient China in his latest project, the historical epic Dragon Blade.

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The movie has finished shooting at China's sprawling Hengdian World Studios.

Chna's Action Movie Week will be made up of three sessions, including public voting, screenings and a forum about action movies.

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There will be a film selection commission that will collect action movies from around the word and then the candidates will be selected by the public.

Seminars will look at action technique innovation, artificial martial arts design and the application and development of computer action stunts.




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