Shanghai Film Festival Unveils First Competition Titles

Courtesy of OnBuzz
'Friday's Child'

The sole U.S. contender so far is A.J. Edwards' young adult drama 'Friday’s Child,' starring Tye Sheridan, while China will be represented by LV Yue's family drama 'Lost, Found.'

The Shanghai International Film Festival, celebrating its 21st edition this year, on Tuesday unveiled the first eight features selected for its main competition section.

The sole U.S. contender so far is A.J. Edwards' young adult drama Friday’s Child, starring Tye Sheridan, while China will be represented by LV Yue's family drama Lost, Found. Also screening in competition is Batbayar Chogsom's Out of Paradise, a Mongolian road movie about a nomadic couple who must travel to the big city for medical treatment.

This 21st edition of the fest, set to run June 16-25, will feature its usual blend of high-minded retrospectives and crowd-pleasing sidebars. Well attended locally, the event gives Shanghai residents a chance to see films they wouldn't normally get to experience in theaters as China's censorship regime takes a momentary lighter hand.

Legendary Chinese actor-director Jiang Wen is presiding over the jury that will decide the winner of SIFF's annual Golden Goblet Awards. He is joined by Japanese auteur Naomi Kawase, U.S. producer David Permut, Taiwanese actor Chang Chen, Hungarian filmmaker Ildiko Enyedi, Turkish director Semih Kaplanoglu and Chinese actress Qin Hailu.

This year's documentary competition includes American filmmaker Stephen Maing's searing indictment of New York police corruption, Crime + Punishment. Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady's doc One of Us, which chronicles the lives of three ex-Hasidic Jews from Brooklyn, will also compete in the category, along with Chinese director Yi Han's tale of rural Chinese hardship, In My Eyes.

The animation category, meanwhile, includes Disney veteran Tony Bancroft's Magical Circus and Japanese director Mari Okada's anime fantasy Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms.

Over the next week, festival organizers will announce six more competition titles, as well as further programming additions.

See the initial competition lineup below.

Competition Features

Friday’s Child
Country/Region: USA
Director: A.J. Edwards

Country/Region: Iran
Director: Ramtin Lavafipour

A Hole in the Head
Country/Region: Poland
Director: Piotr Subbotko

Lost, Found
Country/Region: China
Director: LV Yue

Out of Paradise
Country/Region: Switzerland/Mongolia
Director: Batbayar Chogsom

A Translator
Country/Region: Cuba/Canada
Director: Rodrigo Barriuso/Sebastian Barriuso

The Way to Mandalay
Country/Region: Denmark
Director: Ole Bornedal

Where I've Never Lived
Country/Region: Italy
Director: Paolo Franchi

Documentary Films

Crime and Punishment
Country/Region: USA
Director: Stephen Maing

In My Eyes
Country/Region: China
Director: Yi Han

The Long Season
Country/Region: The Netherlands
Director: Leonard Retel Helmrich

My Enemy, My Brother
Country/Region: Canada
Director: Ann Shin

One of Us
Country/Region: USA
Directors: Heidi Ewing/Rachel Grady 

Animation Films

Country/Region: Russia
Director: Stanislav Sokolov

Magical Circus
Country/Region: China/U.K./Spain
Director: Tony Bancroft

Maquia: When the Promised Flover Blooms
Country/Region: Japan
Director: Mari Okada

S He
Country/Region: China
Director: Zhou Shengwei

White Fang
Country/Region: France
Director: Alexandre Espigares