Shania Twain to Host Canadian Country Music Awards

Terry Wyatt/WireImage

News of the gig follows Twain apologizing for saying she would have voted for Donald Trump if she'd been able to.

Just after Shania Twain offered an apology for her statement of support for President Donald Trump, the country star on Monday was named to host the Canadian Country Music Awards.

Twain will also receive the Generation Award for her contributions to country music at the Sept. 9, 2018, kudosfest in Hamilton, Ontario, organizers said.

The Canadian singer generated weekend controversy by telling the U.K.'s Guardian newspaper she would have voted for Trump in the 2016 election, had she been able to, because "he seemed honest."

Twain followed that up by issuing an apology late Sunday on her Twitter account, where she said her comments were not "representative of my values."

Her Canadian hosting gig comes as Twain launches a concert tour and releases her first album in a decade.

"It’s such a pivotal moment in country music as the industry evolves we’re seeing a new generation of deeply talented artists emerge and I look forward to being a part of the celebration of them and also celebrating some of the trailblazers before them," Twain said in a statement.