Shania Twain to interview queen of Jordan

Will guest host Canadian radio show 'The Current'

TORONTO -- Before Shania Twain guest judges "American Idol" auditions later this month, the country star on Friday will grab a Canadian Broadcasting Corp. radio mic in Toronto to interview Queen Rania of Jordan.

Twain is to guest host the CBC's "The Current" radio show and is slated to ask the Jordanian queen about her global charity for underprivileged youth, 1Goal.

Twain, who experienced childhood poverty growing up in northern Ontario, as part of her radio gig will also visit an inner-city Toronto school to perform for students and preach help for young talent.

Twain last week carried the Olympic torch in front of thousands in her hometown of Timmins, Ontario, ahead of the Vancouver/Whistler Games, which kick off Feb. 12.
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