Shania Twain Slams Ex, Pays Tribute to "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" in "Life's About to Get Good" Video

Terry Wyatt/WireImage
Shania Twain

The country superstar sings a single-girl's anthem, promising listeners she is moving on from ex-husband Robert John "Mutt" Lange while dressing up in her iconic costume from her biggest hit's video in 2009.

Shania Twain wants her ex-husband to know that her life is about to get really good — and wants the world to know she's forgotten him forever.

On the country superstar's latest single "Life's About to Get Good," Twain sings all about moving on from her relationship with Robert John "Mutt" Lange, her former husband as well as producer, that left her "broken and shattered" years ago, and her new video for the song makes that loud and clear. As Twain indulges in the resort life to get away from her sorrows in the video, she sings the lines, "I had to believe that things would get better/ It was time to forget you forever," during which she grabs a picture of herself and Lange and dumps him right out of the frame.

Along with shouting out her ex and dancing around happily, Twain also uses her newest video to pay tribute to one of her most iconic clips, "Man! I Feel Like a Woman." And yes, the 51-year-old still pulls that outfit off flawlessly.

"Life's About to Get Good" is the first single from Twain's forthcoming (and long-awaited) fifth studio album, Now, which is set to bow Sept. 29. Check out Twain's fun video for the song below.

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