Actress Shannon Kenny Carbonell to Release Debut Book 'All Is Not Lost' (Exclusive)

All is not lost
Courtesy of Greenleaf Book Group; Nester Carbonell

In her book, out March 16, she details what it was like to set aside her dream of being an actress in order to move to Hawaii as her husband actor Nestor Carbonell filmed the hit ABC series 'Lost.'

In 2004, television viewers were introduced to the survivors of a plane crash who became stranded on a mysterious island in the hit series Lost. The ABC series, which ran for six seasons, was filmed on the Hawaiian island of Oahu and while outwardly it is paradise, for actress Shannon Kenny Carbonell, wife to series star Nestor Carbonell, the experience proved to be rather testing.

Now in her debut book, All Is Not LOST (Greenleaf Book Group Press), Carbonell details what it was really like to set aside her dream of being an actress in order to move to Hawaii as her husband filmed the series. As she and their two children jumpstarted a new life, she found herself battling insecurities, unfulfilled ambition, fears of failure and a loss of identity.

Carbonell's career began working in regional theater before transitioning into television guest star roles on series such as HBO’s Dream On and NBC’s Seinfeld. She also voiced scores of cartoon characters for shows like The Wild Thornberrys. Carbonell met her husband (The Morning Show, Bates Motel), on the set of the 1995 television series, Muscle.

Unafraid to be candid, Carbonell reflects on the trials and tribulations she endured including a family fight that she learned would weigh upon those closest to her. Through the hardships, Carbonell shares how she healed and eventually found herself.

"[She] knew she was making the better choice for her, no matter how painful, when she decided on full-time motherhood over career. Little did Shannon know she would soon find herself desperate to feed the part of her that was suddenly starved of creativity and accomplishment," her publisher says of the book.

All is Not LOST will be available on March 16.