'The Shape of Water' Red-Band Trailer Offers Further Glimpse Into Mysterious Creature's Escape

The Guillermo del Toro film won the Golden Lion award at the Venice International Film Festival.

The red-band trailer, released today, for director Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water offers a further glimpse into the film's action and thrills. 

In the original trailer, Eliza (Sally Hawkins) lives a monotonous life until she meets a mysterious creature residing in the government laboratory in which she works. A special connection forms between her and the creature, but the discovery of a classified experiment begins to threaten their bond.

Set in the Cold War era, the red-band trailer shows the manipulation existing within the laboratory. The Soviet Union wants the creature, but plans are derailed when it goes missing, the result of an escape that Eliza masterminds.

Although shown in the teaser, Octavia Spencer appears often in the new trailer, hinting at a more prevalent role in the film as Eliza's co-worker, Zelda. Zelda helps keep Eliza's secret from Strickland (Michael Shannon), assumed to be the ringleader of their work. Desperate to find the creature, Strickland begins to feverishly investigate what Eliza is hiding, where their renowned creature is and threatening the workplace for answers. The once mute Eliza transforms into a heroine, stopping at nothing to keep the creature safe. 

Already capturing the attention of audiences, del Toro's film received the Golden Lion award at the Venice International Film Festival this month. 

Richard Jenkins, Doug Jones and Michael Stuhlbarg also star in the movie, which hits theaters Dec. 8.