Shaq Hints He May Join ESPN's 'SportsCenter'

Shaquille O'Neal - Toronto Raptors v Boston Celtics - 2010
Brian Babineau/Getty Images

In a video, retired NBA star Shaquille O'Neal signals that he has been offered a job at the sports network.

NEW YORK - Shaquille O'Neal hinted on Thursday that he will join ESPN.

After announcing his retirement this week, the basketball star tweeted a video on Thursday that was posted on social media site Tout.

"I'm sitting here with my agent Perry Rogers," Shaq said in the video. "He just gave me some good news. A certain network wants to hire me." He then mimicked the end of the theme music of ESPN flagship show SportsCenter, according to the New York Post.

He then added: "Jim Rome, I'm coming for your job," referring to the ESPN anchor and syndicated radio host.

An ESPN spokesman said the network of course would be interested if the NBA star decided to pursue a TV career.