'Sharknado 3' Behind-the-Scenes Preview Has More Sharks, More Tornadoes

'Sharknado 3' Screen Grab H 2015
YouTube screen grab

Hungry for the Feast Coast.

The flying sharks are back!

The behind-the-scenes preview for Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! is here and it has more more bite, more blood and really, well, just more.

Last go-round, New York wasn’t enough and now the sharks are hungry for the rest of the East Coast, or as director Anthony C. Ferrante calls it: the Feast Coast.

Sharknadostars Ian Ziering, Tara Reid and Cassie Scerbo and features those pesky airborne sharks giving Florida, South Carolina, Georgia and even Washington, D.C., a Great White pasting. 

Fans of the previous two installments will get exactly what they want from the looks of the video below, unsurprisingly, but the scenes at Universal Orlando — sharks riding the loops on a roller coaster anyone? — may attract and amuse newcomers to the world's only shark-and-tornado franchise. 

Sharknado 3 airs on Syfy on July 22.