'Sharknado': What Hollywood Is Saying About Syfy's Movie


"Can't watch #Sharknado because I'm on the set of my new film Tsunamwolf," tweets "Modern Family" writer/exec producer Danny Zuker.

Sharknado may have wreaked havoc on Los Angeles in Syfy's new movie, but it became a major, spontaneous phenomenon on Twitter during its Thursday night premiere.

VIDEO: 'Sharknado' Trailer

The movie's title is currently the top trending topic on Twitter. Star Tara Reid and Syfy also are among the top 10 trends on the social media site.

The movie centers on -- you guessed it -- a tornado filled with sharks. Whatever the reason for the abnormal weather conditions, the sharks begin pummeling Los Angeles and attacking its residents.

In the movie, Reid and Ian Ziering play ex-spouses. He's a bar owner who sets out to save his ex-wife and their kids once the storm hits.

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It seems the movie has no shortage of, um, fans in Hollywood. Many people -- including Damon Lindelof and Wil Wheaton -- took to Twitter to live-tweet their reactions. A roundup of the best tweets follows: