Sharon Stone, Berry Gordy Toast 'Lee Daniels' The Butler'

Lee Daniels' The Butler one sheet - P 2013

Director Lee Daniels and his cast were the focus of a luncheon at the home of Robert Newman.

Sharon Stone offered a toast to Lee Daniels' The Butler at a luncheon she and Berry Gordy hosted Jan. 6 at the Beverly Hills home of WME agent Robert Newman. Over Bellini cocktails and sandwiches, she hailed the movie's achievement in dramatizing the civil rights struggle through the eyes of a White House butler, who served seven American presidents over three decades.

Cuba Gooding Jr., one of the many cast members in attendance, noted, “Everyone left their egos at the door and came together to make a piece of art.” In the film, Gooding plays Carter Wilson, one of the butlers with whom Forest Whitaker's character works. 

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James Marsden, who plays John F. Kennedy, told THR it took weeks for him to learn each fact and facet about the historical figure. 

“I did this for the African-Americans, but I did this mostly for my mom,” Daniels commented.  

David Oyelowo, who plays the son of Whitaker’s character, was also present at the luncheon, which was followed by a screening of the movie at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills.