Sharon Tate's Sister Wanted Charles Manson Executed Long Ago (But Doesn't Wish Him "Ill Will" Now)

Sharon Tate, who was murdered by Charles Manson and his followers in 1969

"My only agenda now is to make sure they remain incarcerated until their time of death because they are a danger to the public," Debra Tate said.

The late Sharon Tate's younger sister does not have hate in her heart toward Charles Manson and his followers for their grisly murders in Los Angeles decades ago, but she does believe he should already be dead. 

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday, a day after Manson was transported to the hospital from California's Corcoran State Prison because he is reportedly severely ill, Debra Tate said she is not sure how she will feel when the infamous cult leader finally dies, but for now, she is not wishing it to happen. 

"He has got a gastrointestinal problem, but I was not given the impression it is fatal. But because of his advanced age, anything can become a problem," Tate told THR of the 82-year-old. "I know people wish him ill ... but because of my Christian upbringing, I don't wish ill will on any of these people."

California State Prison officials have been mum on any update concerning whether Manson was transferred to a hospital or why, but they did confirm he is still alive. As for why any prisoner would be taken off site to a hospital, Terry Thornton, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Corrections, told THR, "Under the Eighth Amendment, we are required to provide prisoners with adequate medical care." 

Manson is serving a life sentence for his part in the 1969 Manson Family murders, which included the murder of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and six others. Manson and his convicted followers' capital sentences were commuted because of a California Supreme Court ruling in 1972.

Debra Tate continues to find that decision unacceptable. 

"I agree that all of these people should have gotten the death penalty and things should have been taken care of in the proper manner back then," she tells THR. "My only agenda now is to make sure they remain incarcerated until their time of death because they are a danger to the public. They are sociopathic, and that's not anything that goes away."

Tate, the middle of three children, who resides in Los Angeles, says she hopes those upset that Manson is allegedly getting great care for his medical condition make their ire known to lawmakers. 

"People need to know in the state of California, these inmates get better physical care than almost anyone other than the filthy rich," she said. "And personally, I don't think that is a punishment. I would rather all these people who feel so strongly [about Manson's fate] join me and try to change the system, so perhaps we could take that money and spend it on something that will have the possibility of contributing something positive to society as opposed to helping people we have already deemed unworthy to live a free lifestyle. It is really a kind of waste."

Tate has attended numerous parole hearings thorough the years for Manson and his followers in an effort to ensure none of them is ever released. 

"This is just something I have to deal with," she says. "Sharon and I were extremely close. She was my world. There was no one who knew her longer or better than I did."