Shaw Studios unveils new imaging facility


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BUSAN, South Korea -- Shaw Studios has completed its Digital Imaging and Remastering Center at the studio's 1 million-square-foot  Hong Kong compound. The complex will house the relocated 30-person digital film remastering team.

The complex will house the relocated 30-person digital film remastering team, headed by director Wendy Nam, that recently finished the six-year restoration and remastering of 760 Shaw Brothers titles from the 1950s-'90s for Celestial Films, the biggest restoration project ever undertaken in Asia.

The titles included "The 36th Chamber of Shaolin" and "Justice My Foot," starring Stephen Chow.

"Restoration and remastering is necessary not only for old films," Nam said. "Newly shot film footage might sustain damages that have to be restored."

The studio also performs digital archiving services for the preservation of whole film libraries.

Shaw Studios, this year celebrating the 50th anniversary of its establishment by Run Run Shaw, is handling the restoration of more than 300 1970s and '80s titles from the Chinese-language film library of an undisclosed Hong Kong-based studio.

At Pusan to showcase its restoration services at the Busan International Film Commission and Industry Showcase, it is in negotiations with Japanese studios for the remastering of their film libraries, said Lloyd Chao, director of business development and marketing.

Restoration is significant for classic films' commercial as well as cultural value, as seen from the efforts of the World Film Foundation, spearheaded by Martin Scorsese, an endeavor in which Shaw Studios said it hopes to participate.