Shawn Mendes Recreates 'Lost in Translation' With New Music Video

Shawn Mendes_Lost in Japan_Lost in Translation_Split - Photofest - H 2018
Screengrab/Shawn Mendes; Courtesy of Photofest

The pop star took on Bill Murray's role in the video for his new single, "Lost in Japan."

If the video for "Lost in Japan" is any indication, Shawn Mendes is a big fan of Lost in Translation.

Mendes recreated some of the most memorable scenes from the 2003 film for his latest music video.

Sofia Coppola's romantic comedy-drama stars Bill Murray as Bob Harris, a sardonic middle-aged actor who falls in love with Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) during their brief stay in Tokyo.

In the video, 20-year-old Mendes casts himself as Harris, donning his famous bathrobe, reenacting his comically awkward whiskey commercial and chasing after a girl reminiscent of Johansson's character. Mendes' love interest in the video is played by 13 Reasons Why actress Alisha Boe.

The video also notably features music producer Zedd in a cameo appearance. Zedd, who teamed with Mendes for a rendition of "Lost in Japan" at this year's AMAs, contributed the remix that makes up the video's second half.

Following "In My Blood" and "Nervous," "Lost in Japan" is Mendes' third single off his self-titled album, which topped the charts after its release in May.

See how Mendes pays homage to Lost in Translation in the video below.