Russia's Channel One Launches Probe Into 'Sherlock' Finale Leak

Courtesy of PBS/BBC

Hackers could have been behind the leak, the network suggested.

Russia's Channel One has launched an investigation into the leak of the Russian-language version of the final episode of BBC hit show Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, which aired on Sunday. The network also suggested that hackers could have been the cause for the leak.

"Channel One Russia has been cooperating with BBC Worldwide from the moment we were alerted to the appearance of the leaked episode [on the Internet] and we are doing everything in our power to determine the source of the breach," the network's spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter.

A cyberattack is being considered as the likeliest cause of the incident.

"Initial investigations suggest our content system was compromised by an unauthorized external third party," Channel One's spokesperson said. "Channel One will share the results of our investigation with the media as soon as it has concluded."

The Russian version of Sherlock's episode The Final Problem was aired on Channel One this past Sunday, one minute behind the airing on the BBC. However, its pirated copy was available online a day before the scheduled airing.

The show is extremely popular in Russia. Local Twitter users pointed out to the fact that the country's prime minister Dmitry Medvedev liked a tweet related to the show, which was the first and only tweet he ever liked.