'Sherlock' Producer Compares Superman to Sherlock Holmes in New DVD Box Set

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's … a consulting detective

Sherlock's season four and one-off special don't start filming until 2015, so fans of the BBC drama have a long wait ahead before Benedict Cumberbatch comes back to their televisions as the sleuthing detective. For now, the BBC is trying to satiate fans with the new Sherlock Limited Edition Gift Set, released on Tuesday.

The set includes all three seasons of the show on DVD and Blu-ray, plus outtakes, commentaries and collectible busts. In one of the interviews on the box set, show producer Steven Moffat talks about Sherlock's "superpower."

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"He's got the one explainable superpower that's out there; he deduces things," Moffatt says, according to NPR. "He actually goes to the trouble to explain it. Superman never tells you how he flies. But Sherlock Holmes tells you how the trick is done."

Sorry, Clark Kent. It's tough to live up to Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes.