Wuaki.tv Acquires Exclusive Rights to 'Sherlock'

The rights give the streaming service the exclusive, first VOD run of the British series in Spain.

MADRID -- Spanish streaming service Wuaki.tv, owned by Japan's e-commerce giant Rakuten, acquired exclusive online rights in Spain to the BBC's Sherlock, which will have its first run on VOD via the Barcelona-based service.

Wuaki.tv, which recently passed the 1 million subscribers mark between its services in Spain and the U.K., allows users to watch programs on a range of devices, such as computers, Smart TV, Samsung and Panasonic tablets, iPads and iPhones, and Xbox One and Xbox 360 video consoles.

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"Moves like this show Wuaki.tv's commitment to offering our users the best films and series that are available in the market and also that they can enjoy all the advances with the best viewing systems," said Wuaki director of content Josep Monleon.

Users will be able to find the British series, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in a contemporary rendering of Sir Conan Doyle's famous detective series, starting March 28.

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In Spain, where Netflix has yet to enter the market and other on-demand services have shied away due to unbridled piracy, Wuaki.tv has cornered the streaming market and has only grown since its July 2012 acquisition by Rakuten.