Sherlyn Chopra Becomes First Indian To Pose For Playboy

The Bollywood starlet has just shot her pictorial, due to be published in November, for Hugh Hefner's magazine.


NEW DELHI - It was probably a long time coming. Sheryln Chopra, 25, has become the first Indian to pose for Hugh Hefner's Playboy magazine. Expectedly, the move has catapulted the Bollywood starlet to the limelight in a way her handful of appearances in mostly forgettable films couldn't. She also participated as an evicted contestant on the Indian version of Big Brother in addition to somemodeling assignments.

"Bollywood starlet Sherlyn Chopra will be the first Indian to appear nude in Playboy, in the November issue," said a Twitter message posted by the 86-year-old Hefner.

The shoot took place in early July at the Playboy Mansion and as Chopra said in a recent interview, "Oh, it was the most fun time I have had in my life. We would start at 10.30 a.m. after some Jack Daniels and vodka. Never have I done a shoot with such confidence and joy. The atmosphere made me feel comfortable.”

Cashing in on the instant media frenzy, Chopra recently held a press conference in Mumbai where she came dressed in a traditional Indian saree.

Promoting the upcoming spread,  included a teaser stating,“Coming soon to Playboy Magazine and, a historic nude pictorial of Bollywood sensation Sherlyn Chopra, the first Indian woman to appear in the magazine.”

Chopra said she first sent Playboy her photographs in 2009 and was asked to show up for a trial but at first she "panicked...I didn’t know if I’d be able to do it, if I’d be able to come back and live here in this country.”

Chopra also tweeted pictures of her at the Playboy Mansion including one where she is embracing Hefner, clad in his trademark silk nightgown.

Commenting on Lady Gaga's recent nude picture which the pop star posted on her Twitter account, Chopra posted a message, "Lady Gaga bares all for li'l monsters... Nudity seems to be in vogue."

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