Sherry Stringfield has got CBS' 'Back'

Will play ex-wife of Skeet Ulrich's character

"ER" alumna Sherry Stringfield has been tapped to co-star opposite Skeet Ulrich on the CBS drama pilot "Back."

The project, from CBS Par, stars Ulrich as Richard, who returns home to discover he was reported missing eight years earlier, after Sept. 11. He must reconnect with his family and a world that has moved on without him.

Stringfield will play Richard's former wife who, after grieving over her husband's presumed death in the Sept. 11 attacks, has made a life for herself with her second husband, Tom, a firefighter, while taking care of her two troubled kids, 17-year-old Shannon and 13-year-old Michael.

Cheryl is understandably shocked to her core to see Richard himself, apparently alive and unharmed, calmly standing in her living room.

Despite some intense difficulties in her marriage to Richard and an unhappiness that led to her infidelity with Tom a year before Richard's death -- Cheryl nevertheless agrees to see Richard, and comes away from their meeting as if a weight had been lifted.

Stringfield, who also co-starred on HBO's "Tell Me You Love Me," is repped by APA.