Shia LaBeouf: 29 Crazy Antics in Honor of His 29th Birthday

Shia LaBeouf Bag H 2014

The actor's recent stunts range from wearing a paper bag over his head at a movie premiere to trying to take a McDonald's meal from a homeless man.

On Thursday, June 11, Shia LaBeouf turns 29.

In honor of his birthday, here's a look at 29 of his most memorable antics, from wearing a paper bag over his head at a movie premiere to trying to take a McDonald's meal from a homeless man.

1. Sends penis picture
In late 2013, LaBeouf bared it all. While auditioning for the movie Nymphomanic with Zentropa Productions, he said: "The first info we got — and I'll never forget because my entire team reacted with such a fear — the first request on the production end, not from Lars, was pictures of my penis." Although this might seem like an odd way to secure a role, director Lars von Trier is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to movies.

2. Quotes Eric Cantona
In early 2014, at the world premiere of Nymphomanic in Berlin, Labeouf became aggravated very quickly. After being asked his first question on something along the lines of why he decided to star in a movie with so many sex scenes, he said, “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea,” and then stormed out of the room.

3. Trespasses at Walgreens
While in Chicago filming a movie, a drunk LaBeouf wandered into a Walgreens looking for cigarettes; however, distracted by the pimple on his forehead, he picked up pimple cream and went back to his hotel. Once back at the hotel, LaBeouf realized he forgot his cigarettes so he changed his clothes to make him "unnoticeable" and went back to the same Walgreens to buy his cigarettes. From there it all went downhill as he started talking back to the security guard — ultimately leading to him on the ground getting arrested.

4. Threatens fan
Back in 2013, LaBeouf was at a restaurant in London when a female fan came up to ask for an autograph. Somehow, he was able to make her cry from a short conversation. According to witnesses at the restaurant, the girl's boyfriend allegedly confronted LaBeouf, and it ended in a little fight. When security came to take LaBeouf out of the restaurant, he was reportedly heard saying, "I can get you killed," according to witnesses.

5. Plagiarizes Daniel Clowes
In late 2013, LaBeouf found himself in the middle of a plagiarism controversy when graphic novelist Daniel Clowes accused him of borrowing shamelessly from his 2007 comic, Justin M. Damiano, for the short film Howard Cantour. LaBeouf later said his next short film would be titled Daniel Boring, described as "Fassbinder meets half-baked Nabokov on Gilligan's Island." The problem? David Boring is the title of a comic series and graphic novel by Clowes, who previously described his work using the very same words LaBeouf used.

6. Uses sky writer to apologize to Clowes
LaBeouf kicked off 2014 in the sky, commissioning an apology to Clowes via a skywriter on New Year's Day. He had the words "I am sorry, Daniel Clowes" displayed over the Los Angeles area. The move came after tweeting lines from well-known apologies, such as those from Alec Baldwin, Russell Crowe and Mark Zuckerberg.

7. Live-tweets his LSD experience
In 2012, LaBeouf took acid to get ready for his film The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman. Not only did LaBeouf take videos of his experience and send them to co-star Evan Rachel Wood, he also live-tweeted his experience to thousands of fans.

8. Wears a paper bag over his head
At the premiere of von Trier's Nymphomaniac in Berlin in February 2014, the actor wore a puzzling paper bag over his head that read, "I am not famous anymore."

9. Takes part in silent marathon in Amsterdam
In September, LeBeouf ran around an Amsterdam museum 144 times, dressed in Day-Glo spandex. The #metamarathon performance took place while a 12-hour arts conference was going on inside the Stedelijk Museum. Hendrik Folkerts, the Stedelijk's public curator, was hosting a conference about how the world would be perceived by children of the '80s if they were similarly absorbed by social media and the cult of the celebrity. "As we are having a 'marathon' conference inside the Stedelijk, we also wanted a reflection of that outside," he said. "Nobody can do it better than Shia and the other artists at this performance."

10. Chases a homeless man for his McDonald's food
In New York, LaBeouf was captured on video appearing to chase down a homeless man for his bag of McDonald's food. A witness told reporters: "He really wanted whatever was in that bag. He had so much focus. ... If there were French fries in the bag, maybe he really wanted to eat them."

Shia Labeouf Chases a Homeless Man While Happy Plays - watch more funny videos

11. Tweets about retiring
After he received, and tweeted, a cease-and-desist letter from a lawyer for Clowes, LaBeouf tweeted in January, "In light of the recent attacks against my artistic integrity, I am retiring from all public life. My love goes out to those who have supported me."

12. Sets up #iamsorry collaboration
Following his Berlin antics, LaBeouf set up shop for one week at Los Angeles' Stephen Cohen Gallery. #IAmSorry, a collaboration between LaBeouf and artists Nastja Sade Ronkko and Luke Turner, had visitors sit across from LaBeouf as he wore his "I am not famous anymore" bag over his head. During THR's visit, LaBeouf never broke eye contact during the one-on-one but responded with total silence to a series of questions. His only reaction came at the very end, in the form of a nodded acknowledgment after being thanked for the experience.

13. Drops out of Broadway's Orphans after butting heads with Alec Baldwin
LaBeouf dropped out of a Broadway production of the play Orphans in February 2013 over creative clashes with Tony-winning director Daniel Sullivan and co-star Alec Baldwin. Ben Foster, star of The Messenger and 3:10 to Yuma, replaced him, but the limited engagement ended more than a month early. He later said he butted heads with Baldwin during rehearsals because he was so invested in his character. "My whole goal was to intimidate the f— out of Baldwin," he said, adding that he wanted Baldwin "to be scared."

14. Escorted out of Cabaret
In June, LaBeouf was escorted from Broadway's Studio 54 theater and arrested after acting disorderly and yelling obscenities during a production of Cabaret starring Michelle Williams and Alan Cumming. "He has been detained. He is expected to be charged but nothing has been filed yet," an NYPD spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter at the time.

15. Gives a silent interview
In November 2014, LaBeouf participated in an hourlong silent video interview as part of a Dazed magazine story on the actor. LaBeouf and the writer met in person without speaking via an hourlong sit-down in his hotel room, with the actor and writer both wearing GoPro cameras strapped to their heads. They did so after conducting a two-week-long dialogue over email, an edited version of which appears as text with the video, and in which LaBeouf wrote that a woman who had come to see his performance at the Cohen Gallery had "whipped" his legs for 10 minutes "and then stripped my clothing and proceeded to rape me."

16. Sends tweets no one understands
In September 2014, LaBeouf took up a new hobby: running. Every day from Sept. 8 to 20, he would tweet pictures from his Nike+ running app. At first people were very confused, but finally it was figured out that his routes spelled out the word "metamarathon."

17. Live-streams his heartbeat
In March 2015, LaBeouf reunited with #IAmSorry collaborators Ronkko and Turner to live-stream his heartbeat for a week. "When people say, 'listen to your heart,' they are urging us to turn in to the loving side of our selves; the imaginative, the intuitive, the compassionate, the inner wisdom we all possess. They are telling us to listen to our passion," read a statement from LaBeouf and his collaborators. “With our physical distance collapsed by the networks, that innermost and most intimate of rhythms will be rendered immediate on our digital screens. Like cats have whiskers, we too are born with a guidance system: our heart. It is our inner GPS, our map, and our guide. It promises to lead us down the path of maximum fulfillment. If you #FollowMyHeart, it may lead to yours.”

18. Sounds off at Tribeca panel
At the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, LeBeouf took part in a panel for Alma Har'el's documentary LoveTrue, on which he is an executive producer. Throughout the April discussion, he got candid on rehab, what he called "Al Pacino acting" and the Transformers franchise: "Bumblebee never sounds real, it's just a f—ing name. The name alone you can never make real, no matter how much you put into it, because on the other side, you have a director who doesn't believe it either."

19. Offers insight during #Introductions live-stream
In May, the actor collaborated with London's Central Saint Martins art school as part of the school's Degree Show One. In a nearly three-hour live-stream of the project titled #Introductions, LaBeouf introduced the students' creative work and offered introspective commentary on an odd array of topics, including dead jellyfish, motorcycle helmets and the benefits of deep breathing.

20. Throws coffee on paparazzi
After being harassed by paparazzi while trying to read his paper, LaBeouf was caught on video appearing to throw his coffee on the back of a photographer and then running away.

21. Threatens to take out a knife at a fight
In 2011, a drunk LaBeouf got into a street fight with someone at the Cinema Public House in Vancouver. As he was beaten down to the ground, a witness tried to help LaBeouf and stop him from going back inside; however, that only seemed to make things worse. Shea Carter, who restrained LaBeouf, recounted the incident to TMZ and said the actor made the remark, "Well, what if I grab my knife on you?"

22. Claims to have had relationships with Megan Fox and Isabel Lucas
Around the same time as his street brawl, LaBeouf claimed he had been in a relationship with Transformers co-star Megan Fox while she was dating (now-husband) Brian Austin Green. He also came out and claimed he had a fling with Isabel Lucas while she was dating Adrian Grenier.

23. Strips down for music video
In 2012, Shia bared it all once again, for Icelandic band Sigur Ros' music video for "Fjögur piano."

24. Says he'll be having actual sex with co-stars, then takes it back
During his time filming Nymphomaniac, LaBeouf claimed that the stars would have sex for real. However, weeks later LaBeouf came out and told the world he was just kidding.

25. Headbutts guy in London pub
In early 2014, LaBeouf, alongside girlfriend/co-star Mia Goth and her mother, were in London at a pub when some random guy reportedly said something rude to Mia's mother. LaBeouf defended her honor by headbutting the guy, according to video that made its way to the Internet.

26. Refuses to shower on the set of Fury
While filming Fury in England, LaBeouf tried to prove to the cast that he was dedicated to his role. The actor reportedly pulled out his own tooth and refused to shower for the first few weeks in order to better understand how his character felt while living in the trenches.

27. Takes part in Shia LaBeouf Live
Later that month, composer Rob Cantor and several Southern Californian arts groups uploaded a satirical stage performance called Shia LaBeouf Live. The dramatic number, which features dancers sporting stylized LaBeouf masks, features the vocal and musical talents of Cantor himself, as well as the Argus Quartet, the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles and the West Los Angeles Children's Choir. The twist at the end sees LaBeouf as the sole audience member, applauding the performance for all he's worth.

28. Intentionally crashes into neighbor's car
Back in 2005, LaBeouf's neighbor and his girlfriend were parked in front of the garage, preventing his ability to get in and park. Allegedly, LaBeouf then laid on his horn and yelled at his neighbor, but when he refused to move, the actor hit his car.

29. Blames erratic behavior on existential crisis
In October, the actor appeared onThe Ellen DeGeneres Show to explain himself. "I went through like an existential crisis, which turned into some kinda, like, exploration, really. I had some hiccups, you know, some judgment error," he said. LaBeouf added that he runs 12 miles a day as part of his new health regimen. "It's become like my salvation, running."