Shia LaBeouf's History With The Law

Lucian Capellaro

The "Transformers" star was involved in a bar brawl this weekend in Canada, but the incident was far from his first public scuffle.

Shia LaBeouf made headlines this week after a video was posted that shows the actor being beaten up outside a bar he was patronizing in Vancouver, Canada this weekend.

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LaBeouf, who is in town to shoot Robert Redford's The Company That You Keep (irony), is seen being taken to the ground on the street by a heavyset shirtless man in the video, posted by TMZ

VIDEO: 'Transformers' Star Shia LaBeouf Attacked by Shirtless Man in Canada 

But, this isn't the first time the actor's found himself in a fight. 

In Feb., LaBeouf got into an altercation with another patron at Mad Bull Tavern in Sherman Oaks, Calif.. "There was an exchange of words [with another man] and Shia got punched in the face," employee Sammy Cutler told The Hollywood Reporter at the time. No charges were filed, but the L.A.P.D. did intervene and he was briefly detained. 

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In July 2008, the Transformers star was arrested for drunk driving in West Hollywood after hitting another vehicle and rolling his pickup truck (which was carrying his Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen co-star Isabel Lucas). LaBeouf suffered injuries to his hand and had to have surgery, delaying filming of the flick for two days. 

Earlier, in Feb. of that year, he was cited for smoking in a non-smoking area in Burbank, though the judge later dismissed the charge. 

And, in Nov. 2007, LaBeouf was arrested at 2:25 A.M. at a Chicago Walgreens because he refused to leave the store after several requests by security. He was charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing charges, though they were later dropped by the store.