'Shia LaBeouf Live' Hits the Internet

Shia LaBeouf Walking out of Court House - H 2014
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Shia LaBeouf Walking out of Court House - H 2014

The satirical number was performed for one special audience member

The one-man meme Shia LaBeouf is back again with something surreal and just barely on the right side of odd. 

Inspired by the troubled actor's recent difficulties, composer Rob Cantor and several Southern Californian arts groups have put together a satirical stage performance called Shia LaBeouf Live

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The dramatic number, which features dancers sporting stylized LaBeouf masks, features the vocal and musical talents of Cantor himself, as well as the Argus Quartet, the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles and the West Los Angeles Children's Choir.  

If that wasn't all strangely entertaining on its own, the twist at the end sees LaBeouf as the sole audience member applauding the performance for all he's worth. 

See Shia LaBeouf Live below...

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