Shia LaBeouf Occupies Oxford University Elevator for 24 Hours

Shia LaBeouf - H 2015
AP Images/Invision

Shia LaBeouf - H 2015

The "arts performance" is being live-streamed online and has seen students queuing up to hang out with the actor.

The experimental art career of Shia LaBeouf is continuing.

Just over two years after he famously turned up on the Berlin Film Festival red carpet wearing a brown paper bag on his head, the actor is trying something new in Europe.

This time, he's been hanging out in a lift for 24 hours at the Oxford University union in the U.K. The event, called #ELEVATE and being streamed live on YouTube, began at 9 a.m. GMT and saw students line up for hours to spend quality elevator time with the Fury star, some even bringing him gifts.

While The Hollywood Reporter listened to the live stream, one student asked LaBeouf whether he wanted Leonardo DiCaprio to win this year's Oscar, to which he responded "I don't really give a shit."

The performance marks the first major artistic endeavor of 2016 for LaBeouf. Last year, for #ALLMYMOVIES he watched each of his films back-to-back over three days while being live-streamed (even falling asleep during Transformers), while in 2014, shortly after the paper bag incident, he sat in a Los Angeles art gallery as members of the public queued to interact with him.

#ELEVATE is set to continue until 9 a.m. GMT Saturday morning, pausing only for a talk LaBeouf will give in the Oxford Union later on Friday and, apparently, for bathroom breaks.