Shia LaBeouf Recounts "Existential Crisis" to Ellen DeGeneres

Shia LaBeouf Ellen - H - 2014
The Ellen DeGeneres Show

"I had some hiccups, you know, some judgment error," the actor said

In recent months, Shia LaBeouf allegedly plagiarized then wrote an apology in skywriting, donned an "I'm Not Famous" paper bag on the Berlin red carpet in Feb., sat silently for an "I Am Sorry" surreal performance art piece in L.A., was arrested for disorderly conduct at a Broadway show in New York and subsequently sought treatment for alcoholism. 

And those were just a few of the headlines. So, naturally, when the bearded actor appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show, the host tentatively had to ask: "So, you're now all good?" 

"Yeah, well, I'm as good as I can be," LaBeouf replied. 

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The actor, who guested on the show Friday to promote his role in the Brad Pitt World War II drama Fury, said that he's now "on the right path," with some guidance from his mother. 

"I went through like an existential crisis, which turned into some kinda like exploration, really. I had some hiccups, you know, some judgment error," the actor said. LaBeouf said he runs 12 miles a day as part of his new health regimen. 

"It's become like my salvation, running," he said