Shia LaBeouf Runs Bizarre "Metamarathon" in Amsterdam

Shia LaBeouf Walking out of Court House - H 2014
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Shia LaBeouf Walking out of Court House - H 2014

There's a fine line between genius and madness, and Shia's decided to run it

Oh Shia LaBeouf, what is going on? 

The troubled star pulled his latest bizarre stunt, or performance art piece, in Amsterdam last Friday, running around a museum 144 times dressed in Day-Glo spandex, reports The Independent

LaBeouf dubbed the act a #metamarathon performance, and the piece took place while a 12-hour arts conference was going on inside the museum. But it seems LaBeouf was working with the Stedelijk museum in producing the art piece. Hendrik Folkerts, the Stedelijk museum’s public curator, told AFP that he was hosting a conference about how the world would be perceived by children of the '80s if they were similarly absorbed by social media and the cult of the celebrity.

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"As we are having a 'marathon' conference inside the Stedelijk, we also wanted a reflection of that outside," he said. "Nobody can do it better than Shia and the other artists at this performance."

LaBeouf has been involved in a number of public incidents since the actor was accused of plagiarizing Daniel Clowes for his Cannes debut short film last December. LaBeouf responded with increasingly outlandish forms of apology that culminated in an installation piece in the Cohen Gallery in L.A. he entitled #IAMSORRY and wearing a brown paper bag over his head for the Berlin premiere of Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac

In June, LaBeouf was arrested and charged for causing a disturbance during a Broadway performance of Cabaret. Soon after, LaBeouf sought help for his problems with alcohol

See a video of LaBeouf's "metamarathon" performance. 

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