The 18 Weirdest Moments from Shia LaBeouf's Latest Art Project

Shia_LeBeouf_CSM_Showcase_Livestream - H 2015
Courtesy of CSM Livestream

Shia_LeBeouf_CSM_Showcase_Livestream - H 2015

The actor partnered with students from London's Central Saint Martins art school on a bizzare new venture.

From walking the red carpet with a paper bag over his head to livestreaming his heartbeat, Shia LaBeouf's artistic vision has undoubtedly always been a bit bizarre.

The actor's latest art project was done in collaboration with students from London's Central Saint Martins art school as part of its Degree Show One event. In a nearly three-hour long live stream of the project, titled #Introductions, LaBeouf introduces the students' creative work and includes commentary on an odd array of topics, including dead jellyfish, motorcycle helmets and the benefits of deep breathing.

Below are the 18 weirdest moments from the actor's latest art project:

1. (1:10:50) Shia informs the viewer that "you’re the music" while white curtains flutter behind him.

2. (1:11:05) Shia sells a plastic samurai sword by promoting it as the perfect accessory for your next outfit.

3. (1:14:35) An animated samurai addresses the importance of personal grooming by ruminating on how important it is to look well-kept even in death.

4. (1:22:42) Shia tells the viewer that he saw him with a girl last night. "She knows you want me," he says. "She can't love you like I do."

5. (1:24:33) A person in a white body suit pours paint down funnels attached to his chest and dances to old pop music.

6. (1:37:35) Shia discusses finding dead jellyfish on a beach.

7. (1:50:46) In a fake British accent, Shia describes British artist Jack Evans wearing a Speedo on a cold winter day.

8. (1:53:06) A man sloppily eats ice cream on a rocky beach in a Speedo, shivering in the cold.

9. (1:55:06) Shia reminds us we’re all children of the universe in front of a background image of a cat wearing a suit and yelling, "POLITICS."

10. (1:59:43) Shia lists large numbers as an asteroid in the background hurtles away from him.

11. (2:03:12) Shia recites poetry about defeating death to find light on an empty set, plotted pants, a manicurist station and baby clothes on a clothing rack.

12. (2:20:50) Shia has a conversation with himself about a playground full of watermelons and describes how he would rub himself on them "for pleasure."

13. (2:27:07) Shia gives a rousing inspirational speech about achieving your dreams.

14. (2:28:02) A man works out in front of fitness and motivational posters as inspirational pop and rap blares in the background.

15. (2:43:28) Shia preforms spoken word poetry as a zoomed-in video of a man pinching his own skin plays in the background.

16. (2:51:29) A man in drag describes the Big Bang while on a red silk throne.

17. (3:28:26) Shia practices deep breathing as clouds billow in the background.

18. (3:35:29) A voiceover narrates a struggle of control while two pairs of feet project in the air.