Shine Group execs singing for 'Fame'

'Stagings' of new format paying off ahead of MIPTV

Desperate times in the international TV business sometimes call for desperate action -- and that's what's had three Shine Group executives singing, dancing and playing make-believe TV hosts around Europe to sell their latest project.

With their new talent format "Fame & Fortune" to sell, Los Angeles-based ShineReveille set up pre-MIPTV "stagings" of the as-yet-unproduced show for European broadcasters. This involved company executives taking on the role of talent participants and actually singing their hearts out while another played host.

ProSiebenSat1 Group is among broadcasters impressed with the singing and dancing prowess of the three execs and has inked a deal ahead of next week's big MIP international TV market in Cannes. Ten other major broadcasters are said to be in pre-market talks with the company.

The talented trio are U.K.-based Shine Group managing director Jamie Munro, Robin Ashbrook of Shine North and Shine Reveille senior vp John Pollak.

"International buyers wait for content to air successfully in the U.S. or U.K. before making a commitment to buy a format or tape," ShineReveille International president Chris Grant said. "We are bucking that trend."

ShineReveille also announced pre-MIP deals Wednesday for a slate of its shows to other international broadcasters including Australia's Network 10, which picked up the NBC series "Breakthrough with Tony Robbins."

ShineReveille also has sold finished episodes of P. Diddy's latest reality show, the MTV production "Making His Band," to Canada's MuchMusic and MTV in France. The series sees Diddy forming a band. Additionally, Foxtel Australia has picked up the comedy "No Signal" from ShineReveille.