'Shizumanu' wins at Japan Academy awards

Ken Watanabe wins best actor for film about airline crash

TOKYO -- "Shizumanu Taiyo" ("The Sun That Doesn't Set") took best picture, with Ken Watanabe taking best actor for the film, at the 33rd Japan Academy Prize awards Friday.

The story of Japan Airlines flight 123 that crashed into a mountain on its way from Tokyo to Osaka in 1985, killing 520, had already taken a number of other awards since its October release.

Directed by Setsuro Wakamatsu, it stars Watanabe as former union official who is tasked to deal with the grieving relatives of the dead. Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama made an appearance to give the best picture award and spoke of his and his wife's passion for cinema. Mrs. Hatoyama is a former actress.

Best director went to Daisaku Kimura for "Tsurugidake: Ten no ki," with last year's winner Yojiro Takita ("Departures") on hand to present the award.

"Summer Wars" took the best animation award. "Gran Torino" carried on its sweep of Japan's best foreign film awards.